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Contact The Best Dumpster Rental Service

large-sized dumpster

Affordable Dumpster Service is a waste management company that specializes in residential dumpster rentals. The major cleanup projects that the company undertakes comes from Wylie. Affordable Dumpster Service provides the most convenient methods to get rid of large debris, garbage, trash, etc. with its residential dumpster rentals. The residents of Wylie can anytime contact the company on occasions when they have excess amounts of waste to deal with.

The residential dumpster rental services include:

  •       Cleaning attics
  •       Basements and backyards cleaning
  •       Landscape cleanups.
  •       Renovating and remodeling bathrooms.
  •       Restructuring Kitchen.
  •       Removing large debris and much more.

The features of residential dumpster rentals include:

  •       15 and 20 cubic yard dumpster.
  •       Delivery and pickup
  •       Provides quick response to its customers
  •       Reasonable pricing.

The company collects all types of residential dumps that include concrete. Wood waste, construction and demolition dumps, green wastes, clean dirt, etc. However, the company does not deal with the following wastes, tires, chemicals, dead animals, batteries, biohazard, medical waste, electronic waste, any home or kitchen appliances.

The pricing of the residential dumpster rental services is divided into two parts. Also note that the prices include delivery, pickup, and dumping fees. However, the taxes will be included in the final price later. The company does not ask for upfront payment. The prices are:

  •       Up to 3 tons with 15 yards container = $335 + tax for 14 days.
  •       Up to 4 tons with 20 yards container = $415 + tax for 14 days.

 The biggest advantage of this service which is provided to the people of Wylie and nearby is that the services will be delivered to you on the same day or the next day. Also, the company provides personable customer service which is not found in big companies. The pricing as stated above is highly reasonable and also the services provided are quick.